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Palatin’s Bremelanotide Under Clinical Trials

The Bremelanotide or PT-141 is a mean that explains the revolution caused by the medical world in a silent but attractive manner in the human health related study. Bremelanotide is the latest arrival from the company called Palatin Technologies which forms the basic treatment for the hemorrhagic shock and reperfusion injury.( In short about the company, the Palatin Technologies is the owner of this research and is located in New Jersey. Hence this medicine is a Jersey based Product. And regarding the product under research, is waiting for the approval from the Food and Drug Association. Once this is done, the company has targeted to reach those customers, whom the Viagra has approached. This has the effect of helping the male patients suffering with an erectile dysfunction syndrome. Also if it gets the approval as a treatment measure for the female sexual dysfunction, then this medicine is expected to bring a relief to the post-menopausal and also supports or provides their sexual happiness and also they are checking regarding the hyposexual desire disorder. This is expected to be a blockbuster, if released. So this medicine is waiting for a confirmation as well as an approval. However, other drugs like LibiGel have been put down by the FDA in the past so there's always a major risk in success with these treatments.

Bremelanotide and Ongoing Research

This is an advanced research involved even now. This functions by activating the Melanocortin, which is a group of peptide hormones which includes the adrenocorticotropic hormone and also the different forms of the melanocyte stimulating hormones. These melanocortins are produced or prepared from the proopiomelanocortin in the pituitary glands. The melanocortin releases or exert their effects by making a bind with the melanocortin and thereby activating it).The Bremelanotide functions by activating the melanocortin receptors and thereby makes a modulation in the inflammation. This is actually produced for making use in treating the sexual dysfunction. Due to certain reasons; the process of researching was kept under hold in recently, since it created some adverse side effects of increased blood pressure. In the chemistry of the preparation of the bremelanotide, the Peptide Melanaton II forms the basic compound. This compound is tested using a sunless tanning agent.

The actual information about the peptide melanaton has the effect of making sexual arousal and speed as well as sudden erections and some other side effects. However, there are several other measures taken to test the property of the same under several other health situations to make a detailed study about the chemical compound structure to make a change in the combination of the chemical structure. This medicine has made a revolution in the field of science of the human structure. When made a deep verification of the compound structure of the chemical study showed the following information. The structural design has an appearance of white colored powder like material, which has an accurate purity of nearly 98%. The actual molecular weight of the compound formed is around 1025.2. This compound has the collective share of Amino acids in the composition, peptide and acetate contents also.

The study of the compound structure PT-141 has an enhanced support of making a recombination that produces a different profile of the same medicine but in a different standard with different properties that may support the human requirement. This is a normal glance about the medicine we have gone through so far. Since it is a model that has not been released so far, the deep researches are on process, creating more advanced compound structure, than the previous one.

Written by:
Sandy Major

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