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Femprox Reviews

Overview of FemProx

Female sexual arousal disorder has become a very common place occurrence because of the busy schedules and confusing lifestyles that women are going through now-a-days. And as they do not have any idea of this broad term, they do get perplexed with the kind of changes that have taken their sexual world by storm and hence get distressed with the state of affairs. Relationships become strained because they do not share the similar sexual bond with their partner that they used to earlier. But, here is one big comforting factor, as this is not a serious condition and could be treated well with the help of female libido enhancers. FemProx is one such medicine which is found to be an effective treatment for women suffering from female sexual arousal disorder. Apricus Bio is the proprietor of the product and the positive results that the company has been achieving with its clinical trials holds a lot of promise to the women who are affected by FSAD.

Active Ingredients Found in FemProx

FemProx has Prostaglandin E1 as the main ingredient coupled with DDAIP which is a permeation enhancer that facilitates efficient delivery of the medicine straight into the blood stream. This topical cream is used to treat FSADā€¦female sexual arousal disorder that will bring about marked difference in the sexual life styles of women who have been deprived of experiencing an orgasm or for that matter even an arousal in the recent past owing to numerous factors.

Does FemProx Actually Work and How

FemProx, an alprostadil based cream is used to treat female sexual arousal disorder and the drug has successfully completed nine trials which have ascertained the efficacy of the drug. The main aim of the drug is to provide adequate sexual excitement to the women for whom it has become a cause for great personal distress too.

FemProx when used brings about a relaxant effect in the clitoral region and facilitates greater blood circulation too. As a result there is a lot of lubrication generated which helps in smoother penetration and also better sexual experience as far as reaching the climax is concerned. There is a lot of sensory activity that is instigated too and will be able to bring about greater sexual arousal in those women who are suffering from female sexual arousal disorder. This cream had a definite positive effect on the blood flow to the labia and the clitoris too which was very much essential to take full enjoyment of the sexual act.

Review of FemProx

FemProx is found to be achieving considerable success through its trials on women who have had an inability to attain complete sexual excitement or in some cases maintain adequate excitement too. By bringing about many bodily changes especially with relation to genital regions and the blood circulation in the region, the product has found to be successful.

Apricus Bio has come up with this product termed FemProx which is found to provide room for blood to reach the target tissues through rapid permeation thereby paving way for a new method of pharmacotherapy that would raise the curtains for novel methods of treating female sexual arousal disorder. This is the alprostadil as well as DDAIP combination that has been tried and is on the verge of completion of its trials too before it makes a foray into the markets so that women can actually buy the product and get the positive effects that it claims to offer them in treating their condition.

Should Women Buy FemProx

This topical hormone is used in the clinical trials to treat female sexual dysfunction and it has been found to bring about all those changes that are desired to have a good sexual life. As the product is still in its clinical development and needs to get a nod from the FDA, one still has to wait for its arrival into the market so that they can really get the goodness that the product brings along. The results obtained through the various clinical trials also indicated that the FemProx cream would be very useful in diagnosing various circulatory problems too which could be one of the causes of female sexual arousal disorder. The clinical trials showed minimum traces of any side effects or were just mild. So, regardless of whether the woman suffers from a painful intercourse or low sexual interest or no arousal or does not experience an orgasm, this product holds great promise. Of course there are always natural alternatives like Climestra, Clibido, and Orexia to consider.

Written by:
Sandy Major

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