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Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder) an informative article

My friend and I got talking about our intimate lives one day and very soon she made me realize that I hadn’t experienced the most wonderful feeling in the world so far. My jaw dropped listening to what she said. I was having an okay kind of a sexual life with my husband and it was, frankly speaking, a matter of compromise because I never wanted to say no to him. So, I would give in whenever he asked me for it. I don’t want to sound very sacrificial but it was what I thought and that was about all. My friend asked me if I was sexually aroused and if I was an active player during the intercourse too. For this, I had no answer and I was left pondering for a long while. I had read some positive reviews on Clibido but never tried it so I decided to do some research on the topic. Interested in how women get FSAD and more importantly how they can potentially treat the symptoms of this frustrating problem. Read on to see what I found in my quest to sexual satisfaction.

She asked me if I was able to maintain the arousal, if I had experienced, till the sexual activity completed. I was in a daze and did not understand what she was talking. She then asked me a few more questions and finally told I was frigid. I was suffering from frigidity in layman’s terms…a sexual disorder which is characterized by an inability to get the sexual arousal or an inability to maintain the arousal till the entire sexual activity is completed. She said it was called female sexual arousal disorder. She then went on to add that I am not the only one who is suffering from such a condition and have many more fellow womenfolk in the same boat as I was in. Though this was a bit of a comfort, I wanted to know of a way out so that I could also enjoy my sexual life like majority of the other women did. She tried throwing light on the subject and succeeded greatly too. From what she had explained to me…female sexual arousal disorder can further be divided into three types.

  • Genital arousal disorder. In this, the woman is very well aware of the feelings of pleasure in her mind but experiences less genital lubrication or tingling sensation in the genital region which would prompt easy intercourse.
  • Subjective arousal disorder. This condition occurs when there is adequate genital response in the form of lubrication or swelling but there is no mental awareness of these sensations.
  • Combined sexual arousal disorder. This condition occurs when both the responses, genital and mental are totally absent or lacking.

Potential Causes and Treatments of FSAD

What could be the cause for these conditions? Each one may have a different cause but hormonal imbalance, menopause, relationship problems, chronic illness and depression may be a few causes. So, she left me at this stage giving me enough courage saying that it was not the end of the world and I could find a plausible way too to ensure that I enjoy my sexual life to the hilt. Having understood that I was suffering from a condition called female sexual arousal disorder I decided to look out for the various treatment options and found that medication or hormone therapy or psychological counselling could help better the situation. I understood that people like me could use female sexual enhancers and female libido enhancers like Vigorelle, Intivar and Provestra to better our conditions.

Products like Vigorelle helps in reaching the final stage of the sexual intercourse. There is better blood circulation in the vaginal area which brings about better lubrication and swelling too which will facilitate easy penetration and better experience of the sexual act.

Intivar is yet another female sexual enhancement gel which is found to treat reduced sexual desire, painful sex, and inadequate lubrication very easily making life so easy and rosy for those women who are suffering from these conditions. This enhancer is found to have a tightening effect on the vagina and hence helps women in experience intense sexual pleasure.

Provestra is also a female libido enhancer for all those women who are experiencing deterioration in their sexual lifestyle. This product is found to enhance the woman’s sexual awareness, desire and also experience multiple orgasms.

It was now time for me to decide which one I would use. So, I decided to do more research on each one of these libido enhancers, go through their reviews, and also assess their pros and cons and understand if there are any side effects the usage will bring about. And yes, before I actually start off using the medicine, I will definitely pay a visit to my physician and take his expert advice too. Waiting to be on top of the world once I finish my treatment!

Written by:
Sandy Major

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