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Female Sexual Disorders

Female Sexual Dysfunction or FSD in Women

I have been observing a few striking developments in my sexual behavior towards my partner. Life was fine till very recently that my partner was unhappy with the way I was responding to him. I had a very very painful intercourse the last few times and it felt like I don’t want to do it anymore. But will this be fine with him? Definitely not, because we are after all a married couple and also understand each other’s needs very well.

Everything was pretty normal too, there was the foreplay, the excitement but when it came to the actual thing, there was a lot of pain and only pain which had me so worried that I had started avoiding my husband. I could not reach the peak and saw that he too was not as satisfied as he was earlier. This was becoming a matter of growing concern and I was really very, very hesitant to discuss such an intimate topic with anybody else.

But I was desperate to arrive at a solution for the plight in which I was in. I very much longed to enjoy my intimate relationship with my partner like I used to earlier. So, I decided to spend some time on myself and so I sat down to write the kind of symptoms I was experiencing in the recent past. This analysis would definitely help me in arriving at a conclusion regarding the condition I am in. Am I facing a serious problem? I do not have a clue!

Typical Symptoms of FSD

First and foremost, I was unable to get aroused like I would during earlier times and as a result there is no wetness at all in the vaginal region which would make the penetration easy. I would pretend, and when my husband would make his way inside…that would be just the end of me. I had never experienced this kind of pain before. This happened once, twice and now every time we try to make sex. So, I have started avoiding him which is giving both of us many sleepless nights.

No lubrication, that was one major problem, but later did I go to the hilt and experience an orgasm which would be some consoling factor? No. I could not experience the orgasm too. I do not suffer from any kind of a chronic disease. It is not that I had not experienced an orgasm earlier. I did experience the peak quite a number of times and so not experiencing now was really dominating my thoughts and having me worried to no end.

Potential Treatment Options for Women with FSD

So, I then decided to find a way through the internet, my only source for such intimate topics. And during my research I found that I am not the only one who experiences such kind of difficulties in their sexual life. And from what I read I could understand that I was a victim of female sexual dysfunction which could affect at any time. And yes, I attribute my condition to hormonal changes as well as stress. So, what next? I understood that this was not the end of the road and then read about Lyriana and Clibido.

I have thoroughly researched about the product and thought that I will go ahead with using it as it was coming in with a 90 day trial and with money back offer too. I had nothing to lose at all. Lyriana is found to enhance the dopamine levels in the body, the main contributor towards decent or great libidinal energy levels. It would also restore the hormonal imbalance and hence you will be able to overcome all the difficulties experienced so far. Most importantly, the product was found to bring about lubrication in the vaginal region which is found to be of paramount importance for having smoother and less painful intercourse.

Buying the product was pretty easy as I had ordered for the same on the online platform and I got it delivered at my address too very soon. It’s been just two weeks now that I have been using it and I’ve experienced a sea of change. I am very eager to get done with the 90 day course to see the kind of effects and magic it will create in my sexual life. Now itself, I can feel the ease with which the entry takes place and I have also been experiencing great sensations during the intercourse. Our happy days are back again thanks to this wonderful sexual enhancer Lyriana.

Written by:
Sandy Major

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