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Hormone Replacement Therapy Reviews

Realizing the Benefits of hormone replacement therapy to both Husband and Wife

In order to figure out if HRT is the answer, you must first ask the right questions. Is your wife generally disinterested in sex (more than normal)? Studies show that over 40% of women deal with at least one form of FSD (female sexual dysfunction), which basically means a decreased sex drive. However, that number may actually be much higher, as it only accounts for women who report it as a problem. Many women don’t find a decreased sex drive to be much of a problem until their husband complains about it. Some basic survey results can emphasize the need for a solution like generic Libigel.

A recent research study indicates that 70% of American women say they experience some type of sexual health ailment, with most being attributed to a general lack of interest in sexual relations. Among married men, 70% say that their wife has admitted to not being interested in sex, and 77% say that the spouse’s sex drive decreased significantly after living together. Although there can be many reasons for these results, dismissing the chances of an FSD being behind the problem, and ignoring the potential benefits of generic Libigel is being naïve and uninformed.

Help in on the way for FSD sufferers

HRTs are an effective testosterone gel that a woman applies to her upper arm each day. These types of products are a popular tool utilized in doctor assisted treatments for female sexual dysfunction. So, the question posed to men is, “What is your role in helping your wife through FSD?” Let’s not forgot that by helping her, you are also helping yourself.

Libigel may indeed be the ultimate answer, but you need to be fully informed.

  • Do some research and educate yourself on FSD. Search for “female sexual dysfunction” from within any search engine and you will be presented with hundreds of helpful websites and articles.
  • Speak to your spouse about FSD, and allow her to learn about it with you. Many women don’t understand that it is a highly curable affliction, and therefore, know nothing about hormone therapy, or any other solutions. Let her know that you understand it is a real problem, and that you will do whatever you can to help her through it.
  • Seek out a doctor or sex therapist to discuss the problem. Hearing from an expert may help her understand the medical nature behind FSD. A general practitioner is not qualified in this area, so you must find a qualified therapist.

The real value of a hormone replacement therapy

So, why are FSD information and things like hormone replacement therapies important to men? If a husband is not aware that there is a valid reason behind his wife’s limited sex drive, it could turn into a much bigger problem that could result in a lost marriage. The fact is that most women know nothing about FSD, and a very small percentage of them ever seek medical attention to deal with sexual issues. This is why the husband must be actively involved. Furthermore, as men, don’t we have the most to gain by helping our women overcome FSD by any means necessary, including the use of generic Libigel?

Written by:
Sandy Major

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