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Hyposexual Desire Disorder

Why did you start using libido supplements to treat HSDD?

Aah! It’s actually a long story but yes I will definitely share all the details with you because I have understood that there are so many people like me who are bothered with the same symptoms that I was bothered with and are clueless too. I was a victim of a kind of sexual dysfunction. I had absolutely no desire for sexual activity all of a sudden. I am a married woman and I have been married for the past ten years and I am blessed with a son too who is 5 years of age. This lack of sexual desire became a cause for a lot of argument between me and my husband and I realized HSDD was pretty serious. I had given a thought to the condition I got into and wanted to do something which would better the relationship between me and my partner.

Nothing is more than my family and marital life. So, I decided to take a break by quitting the job I was in. It was really difficult to talk about my condition because it was so very intimate and personal but I mustered up some courage and opened up with my friend. She then told me that I was suffering from a condition called Hypoactive sexual desire disorder which both men and women could fall prey to. She said taking a break from my job would definitely help me in restoring my sexual life.

She suggested I try Clibido which is touted as an effective female libido enhancer. But before I started using the medicine, I thought I will learn more details about it. The internet, the power house of knowledge has like always helped me in getting to the roots of the matter. Clibido is found to be highly effective in treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder and female sexual dysfunction too.

What changes did you experience after having started using libido enhancers? ?

Most products are a cream which we can apply on the upper arm and this gets absorbed into the bloodstream in a very non-invasive manner. As the testosterone hormone is introduced into the body through this method, there is an automatic increase in the levels of sexual desire which diminishes the symptoms of HSDD. I have experience considerable improvement after the first week itself. And let me tell you one more thing, earlier I was up for only once but now I am ready for having it multiple times. You are surprised isn’t it? Well, even I was looking at the way my sexual appetite has increased and of course changed for the better.

Did you witness any significant mood changes after you have started using Clibido? ?

Oh yes! I was really distressed and frustrated with HSDD and the course my sexual life had taken with my partner. But once I quit my job, took a break from everything, concentrated on myself, I had calmed down a bit. And you could say I have experienced more calmness after having started using a female enhancer. The medicine though an external application, because of its composition, has a great soothing effect on the mind. Though it is not direct, the satisfaction you get through your sexual life will bring about this mood change. That is what I sincerely feel. Now that I am happy with everything in life I am a more settled and less stressed person. Of course, I am not trying to hint that people give up their jobs like me. It has been my personal choice to do so and I am enjoying every bit of my leisure time thinking of better ways in which I could cope up on the lost time. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder can occur in both men and women. So, quitting the job is not the only solution. Assessing the main root cause of the problem will help in finding out the right way as to how you could better your condition and enjoy your sexual life to the fullest without having such dampening experiences.

Any notable side effects you encountered while using sexual enhancers? ?

Having a better state of mind and a happy sexual life is the after effect of using products. Apart from these good consequences I have not experienced any major negative effects that changed my life or the functioning of the systems in my body. Of course even if there were any, they would not be more than the effects that HSDD and the absence of sex would cause in one’s life. I am fully satisfied with Clibido and would suggest it to anybody who is suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder or female sexual dysfunction.

Written by:
Sandy Major

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