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Kegel Exercises

Putting Your Kegels to Work - The Value of Exercise

Kegel Exercises are Pelvic floor exercises that were invented by the obstetrician Dr Arnold Kegel. These exercises are one of the best treatments for stress urinary incontinence.

Kegel exercises are intended to strengthen the pelvic muscles and help you to tighten the muscles prior to increase in pressure in your abdomen, for instance, while you sneeze, cough or laugh. Kegel exercises together with counselling and sex therapy can also assist those women who face constant problems related to attaining orgasm.

How to practice kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are taught better by an expert like a continence adviser or physiotherapist.

You need to be careful while identifying the pelvic muscles and understand how to contract and relax them.

You can locate the right muscles by putting in a finger in your vagina and try to press the adjoining muscles. Your vagina should tighten and the pelvic muscles go upward. Now relax the muscles and you feel the pelvic floor return to the original position.

A quick method of locating the right muscles is to try and stop the flow of urine while you are using the toilet. Do not practise this frequently or you can start to retain urine.

After you have found the pelvic muscles, empty your bladder and relax. Contract the muscles and hold for 5 seconds, then relax the muscle for 5 seconds. Try to increasing this practise up to 10 seconds of contraction and relaxation. You can do ten exercises 3 times daily.

It is advisable that you breathe freely and not hold your breath while doing the exercises. Concentrate on contracting the pelvic muscles and avoid tightening the muscles of your abdomen, thighs or buttocks.

Be cautious that you cannot accelerate the growth by maximizing the frequency of doing the exercises. Alternatively, over exercising can result in muscle tiredness and intensify urine seepage.

Pros and cons of kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are simple and effective. You can do these exercises at any time and any place. You can practise while sitting, standing or lying down.

You do not need any special equipment for performing these exercises. You may require a tick chart to remind you for practising these exercises. So these exercises are cost effective.

On the other hand, you need to practise kegel exercises throughout your life. It may take about 15 week to get any result and find any improvement in the muscle strength.

Understand the effectiveness of kegel exercises

To understand whether these exercises are working for you, you can take the help of stop-start test. While urinating, you can partly empty the bladder and then attempt to stop the urine flow. Even if you cannot stop the urine flow, slowing down is also a good beginning. You can try this test only once every two weeks or get the advice of your doctor.

Conclusion and Wrapup

Kelget exercises if done in a proper manner can be very useful in improving urinary continence.

If you have irritation in your abdomen or backside while exercising, then it is apparent that you doing the exercise in a wrong manner.

If there is no improvement after 3 months, consult your doctor to confirm if you are practising kegel exercises properly or you are facing another health problem.

Written by:
Sandy Major

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