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KY Intense Reviews

Overview of KY Intense

Are you experiencing a dip in your sexual satisfaction of late? Have you been experiencing decreased sensitivity and decreased sexual arousal and this has been causing a lot of distress in your marital life? Then you may put your distress to rest as there is a wonderful product that is an all natural one which is formulated to restore the lost magic in your sexual life. KY Intense is an arousal gel that makes women enjoy sex more freely and openly. The product is available in the form of a gel which needs to be massaged into the clitoris before the intercourse so that one experiences greater sexual sensitivity during the intercourse. Its application has proved to bring about more satisfactory sex which is preceded by heightened arousal as well as sensitivity too. It helps in having a longer climax too which is of course a rarity for few women. While kegel excercises will do more to create an intense orgasm this produc does show some signs of helping.

Active Ingredients Found in KY Intense

The main ingredients that are found in KY Intense are L-Arginine, propylene glycol, tocopherol, hydroxypropyl cellulose, niacin and PEG 8. As far as the gel is concerned, propylene glycol is found to be the chief ingredient as it brings about the lubrication in the vaginal area when applied in the clitoris region before the sexual intercourse. The application will bring about a gush of blood circulation in the region and this will further help in enhancing the sexual sensitivity of the woman. Niacin is responsible for creating the warm sensation and PEG 8 is responsible for keeping the product in the form of gel. The product is found to be hormone free and paraben free which are found to have negative effects when applied.

Does KY Intense Actually Work and How

As the product is available in gel form, its application is absolutely easy and as it is also not taken inside orally, one need not get scared of the kind of negative effects its usage might bring about. Before starting off with the sexual escapade or the foreplay, you could just massage around two to four pumps of KY Intense into the clitoris. Its application will bring about improved blood circulation and also activate the nerve cells around the area which will increase the sensitivity too. This arousal gel is found to keep up the promise what it claims to make sex more interesting and intense too. With regular usage one can experience more frequent arousals, deeper sexual pleasure and also better sensitivity towards sex. Delivering maximum satisfaction is the main aim and that is attained with the help of this gel. However we still can't consider it a female libido enhancer.

Review of KY Intense

KY Intense is an arousal gel which when applied creates a gush of sexual pleasure and also increases sexual sensitivity. Women are more able to reach the peak during the sexual intercourse after applying this gel. Intensity of satisfaction is also intense with the usage of this gel which is applied only in a few drops before the foreplay. This is a proprietary blend that has sensory enhancers and niacin too which will bring about a warm sensation, increase lubrication and also heighten the sexual arousal, taking the woman to the peaks she has never experienced before.

KY Intense is the first doctor recommended brand which comes in with a pump dispenser too which will facilitate a non-messy application. The gel is allergy tested and is doctor approved too. Available easily in the stores, KY Intense can definitely add the zing to a woman’s not so happening sex life.

Should Women Buy KY Intense

KY Intense is available in a wide range of gels and creams and there are also many offers that are too attractive to be avoided. It’s an online savings rain and you could also take a print of the coupons at the online store and make use of the same for a discount at the store near your place. In addition to all the positive things that the product would bring about in the sexual performance, these cash discounts are definitely an added advantage. Giving it a try would do no harm as the product is hormone free and paraben free as well. As the product involves external application, there should not be any major side effects and hence even those who have heard about the product may just choose to give it a try and use the same if they have found it to be working well for them.

Written by:
Sandy Major

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