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LibiGel Reviews

Overview of LibiGel

LibiGel has been designed in order to increase a woman’s sexual desire that has been going on the down side causing a lot of serious concern for both the partners. Female sexual dysfunction or hypoactive sexual desire disorder may be a serious concern at one point in time but definitely not now. There are in fact many women who are experiencing low sexual desires owing to numerous reasons and hence you need not be worried that you are the only person in the boat experiencing a sexual dysfuntion.

The testosterone gel or LibiGel is applied on the upper arm and is quickly and easily absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. Though testosterone is touted as a male hormone, it is present in a certain percentage in the women too and is found to be responsible for the sexual desire in women. When its levels drop, naturally there is a dip that the women experience in the sexual desire too. So, LibiGel is found to be the ideal alternative to bring back the semblance in the levels of testosterone that is found to be important to experience a wonderful sexual life. Unfortunately, LibiGel did not pass FDA trials due to its lack of efficacy in relationship to adverse side effects found during their Phase II and Phase III clinical trials.

Active Ingredients Found in LibiGel

Active ingredients that are found in LibiGel are wild yam, Motherwort, Macca, Suma root, Horney goat weed, and Gingko biloba in addition to a few other female aphrodisiacs which are found to be actively contributing towards increasing the sexual sensitivities in women who are suffering from low sex drives. It is these ingredients that are responsible for bringing about the required changes and sexual stimulations in the body of the woman. Natural aphrodisiacs, the ingredients are found to increase the lubrication in the vaginal region thereby cutting down on the vaginal dryness. They also act on the clitoral region and enhance the blood flow to the place which will only increase the sensitivity during the sexual intercourse.

Does LibiGel Actually Work and How

LibiGel will not be launched in the market after the FDA did not give it's approval and a series of clinical trials are underway in order to establish the efficaciousness of the libido enhancer. However, the clinical trials that have gotten over so far have yielded good results and have confirmed that the product is ideal for treating female sexual dysfunction and hypoactive sexual desire disorder that has become a common feature in women. The medicine has found to increase the sexual activity frequency by over 200% and the subjects did not report any adverse events during the trials. With such positive results underway, women could only look forward to another libido enhancer which could be easy to use as it is just an ointment or a gel that could be applied on the upper arm.

Review of LibiGel

LibiGel could be used to achieve success while women are experiencing low sexual desires and a decrease in their sexual drives too. Available in the form of testosterone gel as well as testosterone pills, LibiGel is found to be highly effective in restoring the dwindling levels of sexual activity in women. Generally women tend to put off using any kind of libido enhancers for the fear that they will bring along with them a whole host of side effects. But, to the contrary, trials have proved that LibiGel does not produce any negative effects at all. However, people suffering from chronic illnesses should definitely consult their doctor before they actually use this, or any such products to bring about an alteration in their sexual life.

Should Women Buy LibiGel

The product is denied a release with an effort to prove that it can bring about a definite increase in the sexual enhancement of the women and also intensify by manifold their sexual fulfillment which has become a rarity owing to many physiological and psychological conditions. Women should consider products like Clibido, Zestra, or Climestra. Its usage of course is found to give all the good things that women wanted to have in their sexual life. And LibiGel was particularly found to be very lucrative for those who have been suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The clinical trials have produced 200% advantages thereby making it a safe bet for women to use it in order to better their sexual lives in a painless and non-invasive manner. As the trials are currently on and the libido enhancer has proved to give no adverse effects at all, women could easily bank on LibiGel to experience normalcy back in their sexual lives.

Written by:
Sandy Major

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