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Menopause can have devastating effects on a woman’s sexual health

Menopause, a period in every woman’s life that typically surfaces between the age of 45 and 50, brings about a lot of physical, physiological and psychological changes. And women generally go berserk at times as they are confronted with these sudden changes that set in. One major area where its effect is very severely felt is in the sexual life. Women develop a whole host of symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, vaginal itching and bleeding, pain, weight gain, acne and other physical changes too.

Women do keep wondering about what and how their sexual life would be when they have attained this menopausal stage. Men generally are potential sex partners even in advanced age but for women having a smooth ride through their menopausal time are indeed a Herculean task. But, as they either want to live up to the demands placed by their male counterparts or they themselves would want to have a sexual life, they are always badgered with these thoughts and they go to the extent of getting hormone therapy to revive their sinking love life. Women are curious to know if hormone therapy can really change the quality of their sex lives. While a few can sail through easily through this transition, there are a few who find it really difficult to get through the stage without facing these sexual difficulties that are a part of the menopausal life.

Commonly experienced symptoms and effects

Women typically dread this period of hormonal imbalance and for good reason. Here are the common effects that menopause brings about in the female sex drive:

  • A decrease in the levels of libido. Though many women experience heightened sexual desire during this phase, there are a few others who are confronted with the difficult symptoms that are a common feature during this phase. It is said that women start to enjoy their sexual life more in the 40s than in earlier stages. But, when the woman is fast approaching her menopausal period, there is a sharp decrease witnessed in the levels of libido.
  • Change in the perspective towards the world. Women start losing interest not only in their sexual lives but also cease to be passionate and romantic towards their male counterparts.
  • Impairment in sexual functioning. As there is a dip in the sexual pleasure, there is a change in quality of enjoyment too during the sexual encounters. Now, it is very frequent that women do not experience any orgasm at all and they participate in the sexual act because they have to for the sake of their partners.
  • Vaginal dryness. One main characteristic feature of menopause is vaginal dryness. Perhaps it is due to the low blood circulation in the genital region or due to the low female hormonal levels, the vaginal area experience a severe dearth in adequate lubrication that will facilitate easier penetration. When the penetration is not easy, the sexual intercourse will obviously be a very painful experience resulting in less frequent sexual encounters. This is the way women slowly lose their affinity for sex once they reach their menopausal stage.
  • Mood swings. This is yet another common menopausal effect that is found in women which also has a direct impact on the sexual behavior of the women. Negative moods will definitely not spur any feelings in that direction and having a positive mood swing is of course a rarity during this period.

There are ways to combat the negative effects of menopause

The hormonal changes, the mood swings and the others symptoms that are common during the menopausal transition overwhelm the woman to a great extent and bring about a lot of confusion about her sexual life. The sex drive takes a terrible beating for some who are uninformed about these changes. But, of late, there are people who are learning more and more ways to cope up with the changes that come in their body and are trying to be on top of the affairs rather than succumb to the pressures that these changes bring about.

These negative effects of menopause can be effectively tackled with the help of efficient strategies for coping out of which fighting vaginal dryness would be the easiest of all problems. When this is accomplished, semblance is restored in the sexual life to a certain extent. Hormone therapy and testosterone can definitely alter the state of the woman in question and help her resurrect her dwindling sex life. These effects could be highly disconcerting initially but with the help of female sexual enhancers that are available in the form of pills, gels, creams and oils, one can definitely overcome this hurdle named menopause too!

Written by:
Sandy Major

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