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Zestra Review

Overview of Zestra as a Libido Enhancer for Women

Zestra is a product aimed at women suffering from sexual dissatisfaction. It is dveloped and marketed by Semprae Laboratories out of North Carolina. The product which is heavily marketed online and in common drug stores claims to be a concoction of natural aphrodisiacs and essential oils. It is packaged in small single use condiment style packages for simple use and dispose. The product is supposed to be applied to the genital area of women who are experiencing challenges reaching orgasm or self-lubricating.

Being in the market for over 5 years is a plus or is it just access to more funds and a wider spread distribution channel. That's the question a lot of our readers wanted to know. How does this product stack up to those which are more recently being developed with more science and access to more clinical testing and results quantification? Well, we put it to the test and inform our readers. See what the fuss is all about. One note before moving forward: Zestra has been known to interfere with latex condems so please be sure to consult the manufacturer before trying this product yourself if you plan on using protection during sexual intercourse. We personally had one report about this from a reviewer and thankfully there were no pregnancies involved but it suprised us that there wasn't more information about this.

Active Ingredients Used in Zestra

The blend Zestra uses in it’s ingredients is patented but is nothing more than a simple combination of herbal and plant extracts and oils. The active ingredients are as follows:

  • PA-free Borage Seed and Evening Primrose Oils
  • Angelica, Theobromine, and Coleus Forskholii Extracts
  • Vitamins C and E

Those oils called Arousal Oils supposed contribute to what Zestra calls the Zestra Rush feeling or sensation when applied to the clitoris or outer labia. Packaged in a pump or single use packet the company aims at getting repeat business through small dosages sold.

Does Zestra Do What it Promises?

According to Zestra there are clinical trials that prove it has the ability to increase arousal, sexual desire, and sexual satisfaction in over 70% of the test patients. The claim is that this Zestra Rush begins in about 5 minutes and lasts almost an hour increasing ability for women who have an inability to self-lubricate to produce silky secretions which improve sexual intercourse. As you’ll see our test patients didn’t quite experience what Zestra would call a rush. The reviews found across the internet are a bit ho-hum as well so it’s likely this is another example of great marketing and not so great research and development. However, the product has been available for sale since 2002 so it maintains some amount of efficacy or simply relies on a lot of marketing and sales to keep in business.

User Review of Zestra

When we look at what real women have to say about Zestra the story is dramatically different than what the marketing and so-called scientific laboratory evidence tells us. Most women will comment that they feel a slight burning sensation in the genital region after applying the product only where it was topically applied. This leads us to believe that as thought, this product only agitates skin in an effort to promote some sort of blood flow to the region. Sometimes this can be successful in helping with FSD or FSAD if the only problem to being with is lack of sensation or lubrication. There is a much simpler way to do this though in just using off the shelf lubricants.

Should You Buy Zestra?

Well, that would be up to you. As you see above the results are lackluster at best. Most women who buy the product will likely not repurchase according to what we’ve read and heard. However, this product is sold in smaller more affordable packaging than some of its competitors so for a cheap thrill and test it isn’t a huge investment.

Written by:
Sandy Major

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